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Pauline McEvoy

Pauline McEvoy


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Originating from the heart of Chile, Pauline McEvoy embarked on a transformative journey that led her to Washington DC at a young age. Driven by a passion for business, she eventually found her way to San Diego, where she pursued her educational aspirations at San Diego State University. This foundation has been instrumental in her real estate career, allowing her to navigate market complexities with confidence. Pauline McEvoy is a real estate professional who seamlessly combines a global perspective with local expertise. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she brings a unique cross-cultural approach to her work.
Pauline's true joy comes from fostering meaningful relationships and spending time by the ocean. She cherishes quality time spent with loved ones, infusing every moment with laughter and warmth. Pauline's commitment to both her clients and her personal connections continues to build bridges and make lasting impacts.


We offer the highest level of expertise and service with integrity. The team specializes in areas such as La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Solana Beach, and Del Mar. The team takes pride in providing their clients with top-notch service and finding their clients the best possible opportunity.

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