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Alex Valdivieso


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Alex Valdivieso grew up in southern California. Early in his youth he knew that he wanted to serve in our nation’s armed forces. His dream came true when saw a Marine Corps recruiter at his local mall and was so impressed that he joined the Marines the next day. 21 years of leading thousands of Marines, seeing countless countries and serving over three and half years on combat ships gave Alex a plethora of real-life experience. Alex retired from the Marine Corps in 2016.

Shortly before retiring, Alex realize that he wanted to help his fellow San Diegans and beautify his local neighborhoods. He started Semper Fi Solutions, LLC a renovations company dedicated to helping homeowners out of distressed situations by buying properties directly with cash and in the process creating a hassle free and extremely fast closing transaction for his clients. After beautifying numerous houses and providing many first-time homeowners an opportunity at the American Dream. Alex once again felt a calling…This time he dedicated himself to helping first time home buyers in the military community find the homes of their dreams in the San Diego area. Alex is very passionate about helping both his military community and local area families in the home buying process. He believes that there is a home for every family and has dedicated himself to making the home buying processes easy and transparent for his clients. Alex lives in San Diego with his lovely wife Analia and two boys Giovanni and Estefan. Alex has a degree in Business Management and a Masters in Marketing.


We offer the highest level of expertise and service with integrity. The team specializes in areas such as La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Solana Beach, and Del Mar. The team takes pride in providing their clients with top-notch service and finding their clients the best possible opportunity.

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